Thursday, January 27, 2011

my community involvement

My family and I moved into our new neighbourhood some odd years ago, my sister and I were not pleased as we were not aware that we were moving. We were moving away from the familiar to the unfamiliar and further away from where our friends lived. However, now that I look back, the move to our new neighbourhood is one of the best things to happen. I love our neighbourhood, it is probably the most friendliest place around, at least compared to my old neighbourhood. I never knew what it really felt like to be in such a neighbourhood. This being said, I do not involve myself in the community as much as I would like. I definately help out our neighbours whenever possible, we shovel eachothers driveways (well they have a snowblower, so I shovel and they snowblow).

When I look back at the university life, I regret not getting more involved. It is also more difficult in the university atmosphere because it is so large. Due to this reason, I try to involve myself more in the Sheridan College community, I volunteer during the first few weeks of school to hand out agendas and assist students unfamiliar with the student health plans. I volunteer also to assist in the Sheridan concerts during frosh week. I do enjoy my time here at Sheridan and am pleased that I am able to help out other students.

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