Thursday, January 27, 2011

my favourite sustainable and disruptive technologies

A couple of sustainable technology I use frequently is on my car (in the picture to the right). I modified my car to replace the hood with a carbon fibre hood, as well the rims have been replaced. These modifications reduce the weight of the car, the carbon fibre hood is lighter and the rims are lighter. The modifications are considered sustainable technology as they do not replace my car but help make it more efficient and effective. The less the car weighs the less gasoline it has to burn to go the same speed compared to the car without the modifications.

A disruptive technology that I use on a daily basis is my ipod, or I suppose the disruptive technology would also be considered as MP3s. The introduction of this technology completely wiped out the compact disc industry, people were not buying as many cd's and cd players. The portable ipod that could hold thousands of MP3s was convenient, as you don't need to carry a bulky cd player with a bunch of cds just to listen to music anymore. I currently own a 3rd gen ipod (released in 2003 in the image to the left), which I believe is the best one they ever made. I also use my blackberry on a daily basis, of course the blackberry was the introduction of smartphones to the mobile industry. This I believe is also a disruptive technology as we no longer see many cell phones that don't have smartphone characteristics included. The need from consumers to be more efficient and effective with their time have converted to a smartphone and is wiping out any cellphone that is not up to par with this technology.

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